KCK demands to escalate struggle in preventing massacres against Kurds

Kurdistan Communities Union, KCK, called on the Kurdish people to organize themselves and to struggle against the fascism of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement. It also called on the democratic forces, the Turkish people and those demanding justice to go out to the squares and stand in the face of the massacres.

The Presidency of the Executive Body of the Kurdistan Communities Union issued a statement about the massacre of a Kurdish family in Konya by a group of Turkish racists.

The statement stressed that attacks against the Kurdish people and democratic forces increased in 2021, and said that the AKP and MHP see the HDP, the democratic forces and the Kurdish people as their enemies, and they target them with a fascist, racist mentality, so they launch attacks on the Kurds everywhere, and they are primarily responsible for these attacks. They are Erdogan and Devlet Bahçeli."

The massacre took place because the Kurdish family did not give up its identity

"The statement indicated that the brutal criminal act that the Kurdish family was subjected to in Konya took place because its members did not give up their Kurdish identity, and their punishment in the eyes of fascism was murder, as if it was a message to the Kurds, either you give up your identity or be killed."

The media is responsible for this massacre, as is the government

A short time ago, in Konya, a Kurdish family was also attacked, and a Kurdish person by the name of Hakim Dal was killed. At that time, the Kurdish Bar Associations in Kurdistan condemned this attack, and called on the government and justice to do their duty, but at that time, Yani Şafak Newspaper, which is the mouthpiece of the AKP authority, focused. MHP, to refer to these unions as the "Kandil Bar Associations."

Regarding the reality of the Turkish media, the KCK said, "This media always makes the Kurds and other minorities a target for fascism and tries to confuse public opinion, broadcasts hate speech against them and encourages their killing."

fTens of thousands of people must take to the squares "we are Kurds "

KCK demanded to go out to the squares and stand in the face of massacres "Without a doubt, what must be done in the face of such massacres is that the democratic forces, the Turkish people and all people of conscience and those who demand justice come together and declare their position against it.

Tens of thousands of people have to come out and yell, we are Kurds, we are all Alawites."

He also called on the Kurds to organize themselves and struggle against fascism. "The Kurds must also know why massacres are carried out against them, and they must organize themselves everywhere, and with democratic forces as well, and turn this unity into a high-level struggle against fascism."



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