Khalid: Delay in establishing international court to try Daesh is dangerous

The delay in establishing an international tribunal to try detainees of Daesh is dangerous, Berîvan Khalid said who is the co-chair of the Executive Council of the northern and eastern Syria. She explained that this would bring solutions and give a message to the world that terrorism would not prevail.

An interview was conducted by ANHA with Berîvan Khalid on the sidelines of the international forum on Daesh, which ended yesterday.

There were opinions about an international tribunal, this is an important result, and the convening of such a forum on the lands where Daesh was defeated is of greater importance," she said. The place where it was defeated by the sons and daughters of the region, and this gives a message to the world that those who defeated Daesh have the right to prosecute the elements of Daesh, this is a normal right.

Women have the primary role in the trial

Khalid said, "Daesh committed brutal crimes against humanity on this land, and committed crimes against humanity such as buying, selling, enslavement and murder, and the woman was the victim in the first degree and then the children in the second degree, so the woman will play a key role in the trial of detainees."

"We insist on trying Daesh here"

We are insisting on trying the mercenaries here, we want the court to be established in accordance with international laws, states have the right to attend the process of prosecuting their citizens from mercenaries, and the people of the region have the right to attend the international court."

"The delay is risk"

"We have defeated Daesh together, we have to continue to work together in a new strategy everyone has to be responsible, so that we can eliminate the ideas of ​​Daesh," Berîvan said.

With regard to the delay in establishing an international tribunal for the trial of Daesh, She said that the delay in this context is very dangerous. She concluded by saying, "There are a and large number of detainees in the areas of north and east of Syria."    risks and difficulties

She pointed out that the establishment of the court will bring solutions, noting that the establishment will give a message to the world that terrorism will not win and the will of the people will prevail.



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