Khalil: Art, Culture movement represents of revolution soul

A member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Ildar Khalil said that the Movement of Culture and Art played a prominent role in promoting the social revolution, noting that the fact of art and culture is represented by the commitment to represent and embody the memory of the martyrs.

 The 6th conference of the Democratic Culture and Art Movement in Western Kurdistan is being held in Rumailan town in Qamishlo canton, with attendance of 200 delegates and representatives of the Autonomous Administration and civil society institutions.

The conference's' work began by holding a minute of silence, after that member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Ildar Khalil delivered speech

Khalil congratulated the start of the conference and stressed that holding the Conference at this delicate stage is of great importance at the stage of social revolution.

Khalil pointed out that the post-elimination of Daesh mercenaries calls for new tasks at the level of the social revolution, where the Movement of Culture and Art will play a key role in the continuation of this revolution and its success.

Khalil also praised the outstanding role played by the Movement of Culture and Art during the eight years of the revolution of Rojava and northern Syria in delivering the voice of the revolution to the whole world, and the commemoration of martyrs and the promotion of a culture of coexistence among peoples.

And added "If we have been limited as the Movement of Culture and Art, we have to point to and criticize the faults, if our intellectuals or artists and all those working in this field have erred or shortened, then this conference should be a platform for criticizing these mistakes. We had a plan and a program to develop this struggle, we must all participate in the drafting of this resolution and confirm our determination to implement it. "

Khalil said that the revolution of northern Syria has entered a new phase, the stage of building the revolutionary people and the fighting people. He noted that the Movement of Culture and Art will be the spirit of revolution. He mentioned during his speech the martyr Yekta Herekol, an administrator in the Movement of Culture and Art, who set fire to his body in the city of Aleppo, and said that "this Conference is the completion of the approach of martyr Yekta Herekol

At the end of his speech, Khalil hoped that the conference would be an opportunity to review the struggle, develop future plans, and transform the Culture and Art Movement into a front for the success of the democratic revolution in Rojava and northern Syria.



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