Khalil: buffer zone 32 km depth aims to eliminate AA

Eldar Khalil said that Turkey state seeks through the establishment of the buffer zone to occupy north and east of Syria, and the depth of 32 km that Turkey wants to eliminate Autonomous Administration, he also stressed that they are also demanding a buffer zone to protect them from Turkish threats.

 A member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement TEV –DEM), Dr. Eldar Khalil, told our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the US-Turkish talks on the buffer zone and the Turkish threats against north and east of Syria.

Khalil pointed out that Erdogan had not stopped years ago from targeting "the struggle of our peoples and the democratic system," adding that " he attacked Afrin in the front of world states, and the cities al-Bab, Azaz and Jarablous had been also occupied lately, and now threatens to occupy the east of the Euphrates and also to occupy parts of south Kurdistan.  And on the hearing and the sight of the world launches the death threats and says 'I will bury them' The question is, has the international public opinion reached such a degree of indifference and stand idly by Erdogan's remarks? It seems that Erdogan is seeking to restore the Ottoman Sultanate, for this reason he occupied the outskirt of Aleppo and deployed his forces in south Kurdistan to control Mosul and Kirkuk. The obstacle to Erdogan's projects is the democratic system that is emerging here. The force that this regime has established has neutralized Daesh mercenaries. Erdogan is seeking revenge and threats. "

'The regime we founded does not pose a threat to any state'

"We are working to develop our democratic project within the Syrian borders," he said, "we do not seek to engage in any war with the neighboring countries, and we have never sought to divide Syria and build a separate state, our goal always is how to build and establish a democratic system in Syria. Neighboring countries should be satisfied with these efforts. We would be dangerous if we sought to establish a system that is not democratic, but our system now poses no danger to any country.

'These threats are not just a provocation'

And about the fake pretexts and contradictory arguments of Turkey in its threats to the north and east of Syria, Khalil said, "Daesh occupied many areas along the border with Turkey, such as GIRÊ SPî, Erdogan, however, has opened his borders to Daesh mercenaries and has negotiated with them. Do you think that the Daesh was not a terrorist gangs and did not pose a threat to Turkey?
When Deash mercenaries had existed on the Turkish border, that was not a threat to them. Now, there is a democratic experiment on the border, yet they threaten to attack it. These threats are not just provocation, Erdogan really seeks to occupy the region, and therefore looking for arguments and justifications. "

'US-Turkish understanding will reveal many things'

Khalil talked about the ongoing talks between the United States and Turkey on the buffer zone, "the Coalition Forces have been in constant contact with the Turkish state since the issue of Manbij city, and now also on the subject of East Euphrates America is conducting these talks to serve their interests not for serving the Syrian people, the understanding that will result from the Turkish-American talks will reveal many things, and whether Erdogan will carry out his threats or not, Turkey insists on occupying the region and looking for reasons and justifications

Buffer zone is required in order to get rid of Turkish threats'

"The establishment of a buffer zone will at least benefit our protection from Turkish threats, and the Turkish state is also seeking to establish buffer zone, but their problem is not about security and protection, because we were never a threat to Turkey and we did not say that we will occupy the territories of north Kurdistan and Turkey, Erdogan believes that we will reject the establishment of buffer zone and therefore take it as an excuse to occupy the area. "We have no problem establishing buffer zone, but there are some details to be discussed on them, for example, the depth of the buffer zone, the forces to be supervised, the subject of the occupation of Afrin and demographic change, all these topics should be discussed in which to reach a formula on them. "

Turkey calls for buffer zone between itself and AA, but the distance of 32 km is the distance in which the administration is located, Turkey does so deliberately to eliminate the administration. For our part, we said that we were not deterred by buffer zone of 5 kilometers. The border protection forces must be from the local forces, these issues are still under discussion, and Turkey seeks to impose its demands through threats and attacks. "

Incident of Serêkaniyê is provocation

Khalil pointed out that the Turkish state resorted to various means of war to prepare for any attack and break the spirit of resistance "seek to spread chaos in the region through special warfare methods and military and intelligence war, for example, Hakan Vidan said earlier" if we want to launch War in Syria, we will launch several missiles from the Syrian side, and say that we exercise our right to defense. At a critical time, while the US delegation was holding talks in Turkey, some people fired artillery shells from Serêkaniyê towards Jilan Bunar in Turkish territory. This incident was a provocative plot aimed at spreading chaos, they wanted to convey to the American delegation a message that 'they are attacking us' was a deliberate process to find an argument for Turkey to put pressure on the American delegation and thus find an excuse to attack the region. But the concerns authorities intervened immediately and managed to arrest the person responsible for the incident. "

Turkish intelligence MIT plans to implement assassinations' operations in the region'

Our agency (ANHA) published a few days ago that the Turkish intelligence MIT is planning to implement assassinations against leaders and personalities in the regions of north and east of Syria, Khalil said, commenting on the subject. "Many people in north and east of Syria were killed by assassinations by Turkish intelligence MIT against known figures, seeking through these schemes to terrorize people and destroy their morale, and this is not new to the Turkish state, and has already targeted Kurdish politicians in Paris, such enemies are not satisfied just death.

We are ready for dialogue

member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM)."We are seriously considering these threats, and as far as we are ready and open to dialogue and solution, we are also ready to defend our gains."



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