Khalil called on Europe to take responsibility towards people of region

The commander of the Democratic Society Movement(TEV-DEM), Aldar Khalil, called on Europe to shoulder its political and moral responsibilities towards the people in the north and east of Syria and stressed that they will not give up their Autonomous Administration.


TEV-DEM diplomatic relations official Aldar Khalil told AFP that the European powers must shoulder their political and moral responsibilities towards the people of the region.

He added, "If the European Union does not meet their commitments, they are effectively abandoning us,". He called on France, in particular, to work in the United Nations to establish a buffer zone along the border with Turkey, similar to the United Nations peacekeeping force deployed along Lebanon's border with Israel.

Khalil said the Kurds would negotiate with the Syrian regime to deploy the latter's forces along the Syrian-Turkish border if the West failed to put an end to the Turkish attacks.

Khalil said they would insist on maintaining the Autonomous Administration and added that the "The Syrian Democratic Forces will be part of the Syrian army."



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