Khalil: We are always ready for dialogue with all parties to reach solution to crisis

Member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement,(TEV-DEM) Aldar Khalil stressed that the areas of northern and eastern Syria are under serious threats, and called on people to cohesion and prepare for "any emergency" to face these threats.

Khalil's remarks came during a speech at the Forum of Kurdish Tribes held in the city of Derik in al-Jazeera Region.

Khalil said that the Autonomous Administration regions with various components have managed to preserve the region from external interventions "wishing to distort the people's revolution against injustice and slavery." He pointed out that the threats currently facing the region come to "strike the cohesion of these peoples in northern and eastern Syria. "

Serious threats

Khalil stressed that the Turkish threats to the areas of northern and eastern Syria are serious threats "We, as the people of the region, must continue to work for the cohesion of the peoples, and prepare for any emergency or attack that may be exposed to the region."

We are always ready for dialogue with all parties to reach a solution to the crisis

Khalil stressed that the Autonomous Administration and its experience can put an end to all attacks and external threats, which is the way to reach a solution to the Syrian crisis, "and not as promoted by trying to separate or fragment the region, and the administration in this context is always ready to dialogue with all parties to reach a solution to this crisis that is deepening more and more. "

"In order to reach solutions that are suitable for all parties, the will of the peoples of the region must be represented, without favoring one party at the expense of another, and any committee working on the Syrian constitution must represent the various components of the region. Without representing all the Syrian parties, especially the people of the north and east, Syria will be useless, and this administration and the people will not be concerned with the constitution. "

Turkey evades the recent agreement with America

Khalil said that Erdogan's evasion of the recent agreement between Turkey and the United States, "shows the objectives of the Turkish occupation in this region," adding, "Turkey insists through its recent statements to bring the Turkish army into the region, under the pretext of the lack of commitment of the United States to the border security zone, Erdogan's plans are clear about the areas of northern and eastern Syria and the peoples of the region after its great experience in the resistance, which managed to defeat many mercenary groups and will be able to face any kind of threats, and the people are aware of the real objectives of Erdogan and the AK Party."

Parties linked to external parties must return home

Khalil called on Kurdish political parties abroad to return home, stressing that the unity of the Kurdish people will contribute to accelerating the achievement of the goals  serving the Kurdish people, first and foremost the liberation of the Kurdish areas, the first of which is Afrin.


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