Khlafti's police, they cast their votes without any clues

According to information, the Turkish police are being transferred from the cities of Kamarsin, Adana, Antalya and Konya to the outskirts of Khalfti Barha. They are casting their ballots without confirmation, and the elections in the village of Hilali have been suspended because they are voted in public.

The excesses and violations in the elections that began on Sunday morning in Turkey and Bakur "north Kurdistan" have already appeared in Khalfti Barha district, where 3,000 and 187 were brought to Khalfti Barha before the elections, they voted and many police, who came from Mersin to Khalfti Barha and voted in Box 1094, were seen at the Anatolia High School.

According to the official document, "142", the police should vote in accordance with official document No. 142, but those who voted for the Turkish police who were transferred by military vehicles from the cities of Mersin, Adana, Antalya and Konya since last night did not have this document.

Polling in Hilali village has been suspended

In boxes no. 1,049 and 1,050 in the village of Hilali belonging to Khalfti Barha district and the vote was suspended because of the public vote, and therefore the centers witnessed discussions between the parties of the Democratic People's Party on the one hand and the police and agents of the Justice and Development Party on the other. Because of these discussions, the lawyers intervened. Therefore, because of the public vote, the elections in the region were suspended and the lawyers called for the cancellation of votes cast in public.



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