kidnapping continue in Afrin canton

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin continue to kidnap the people and demand large sums of money from their families.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted three citizens from Jeqla village of Shia district, Hamza Murad Hussein Abdulrahman Osu and Mustafa Aslan Abdo.

In Avrazi village of Mobata district, the Turkish army built a mosque and started religious training to impose one religion and sect in the region, especially as Mobata district hosts many Alawite families.

In the village of Kara of Belbela district the Turkish occupation army abducted the citizen Basil Hanan Ibish, who had been kidnapped several months ago also and was released at the time after the payment of 150 thousand SP. It was reported that the Turkish occupation imposed this time 200 thousand SP to release him.

in Belbela village the Turkish occupation once again kidnapped three citizens from the village of Obaidana they are :Alan Ali Ibrahim, Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, Shiro Ahmed Ibrahim according to information, the Turkish occupation demands the family of kidnapped to pay 200 million SP.

In the village of Hayama of Belbla district, the Turkish occupation kidnapped the citizen Agid Mohammed Ahmed, and in the same context, kidnapped four citizens of the village of Qastala Khudarya village of Belbela district, namely Sabri Ibish (70 years-old), Abdullah Hanan (60 years-old) and Khebat Hanan 24 years-old Farid Rasho 45 years-old.

The fate of the kidnapped remains unknown.



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