Kidnappings reached unbearable level in Afrin

The Turkish occupation continues to practice illegal violations along with the construction of the partition wall to isolate Afrin from Syrian geography, amid international silence.

More than a year passed on the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton, and its violations are contravening the international and legal covenants without any movement from any side to limit violations against the people of Afrin.

Perhaps the most suffering of the civilians of Afrin is the continuous kidnappings. They have become afraid of roaming, after the increase in kidnappings, which exceeded one thousand, and the fate of most of the kidnapped is unknown.

According to sources, 24 civilians were kidnapped from the villages of Afrin at different times on April.

In the past week, 10 civilians, including women, were abducted from the village of Gamrouk in Mobata district, four of them were released after paying ransom for the occupation mercenaries. The abductees were: Mohammed Ibrahim, Hamdoush Ibrahim, Jihad Ibrahim Hassen, Mohammed Nassif Mustafa, Mohammed Ibrahim Ismail, Shiyar Mohammed, Akram Hassen Mohammed 60 years old, Fidan Shiekh Hamada, Mawloda Abdo Hamo, and Jihan Seydo Rsahid.

The citizen Shiyar Ibesh who is at 35 years was abducted from Jalameh village in Janders district and his fate is still unknown. The young men Jihad Mohammed Shaaban, Ali Nazmi Horo and Mohammed Khalil Atto were also abducted from the village of Badina in Mobata district.

In the center of Mobata district, two days ago, Ali Hamo bin Soran, Mohammed Ali Sheikho Rahmo, Khebat Hussein Bakr, Serbest Ibrahim bin Kalou and Hussein Karouka were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.

The fate of five civilians of Mobata district has been unknown since seven months. They are the siblings Hussein Mohammed who is at 58 years and Anwar Mohammed at 39, the siblings Khalil at 35 years and Bakr Abdin Habash at 32, and the citizen Aslan Beram Sino, 33 years old.

Uprooting trees

Since the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries on the canton of Afrin, they have practicing violations against nature too, which is manifested in the uprooting of olive trees, forest trees and the burning of forests.

The owners of pharmacies are also subjected to extortion and theft, in addition to the payment of monthly taxes reach about 50 thousand SP.



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