Killing a commander in Sultan Murad south of Tripoli

The Libyan army killed a commander of Syrian mercenaries of Turkmen origin during clashes in the capital, Tripoli, with Accord government supported by Syrian mercenaries who has been recruited by Turkey to fight in Libya.

The Libyan National Army announced, on Saturday, the killing of a Syrian mercenary named Murad al-Azizi, a commander of the Turkish-backed "Sultan Murad" mercenaries, at the airport hub south of the capital, Tripoli.

This comes at a time when the Libyan capital is witnessing clashes between the Turkish-backed Accord government forces and the Libyan army, amid international calls for calm and a return to dialogue and the cessation of foreign interference, and European warnings of same scenario that happened in Syria may happen in Libya.

And Ankara, which regularly transfers Syrian mercenaries to Libya, has announced that, with its support for the Accord government, it has turned the scales in Libya.

It is reported that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had announced earlier that a battalion of Syrian mercenaries includes about 50 mercenaries from ISIS, headed by a former ISIS security officer from the eastern countryside of Homs, who went to fight in Libya.



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