Killing Iranian journalist in Turkey exposes Erdogan's duality

The killing of the Iranian dissident, Massoud Mawllwi Werdanjani at the Iranian consulate in Turkey exposes the double the standards of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who incited the entire world against Saudi Arabia in the case of the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but He did not lift a finger after Werdingani's killing.

Two senior Turkish officials said that two intelligence officers at the Iranian consulate in Turkey instigated the killing of an Iranian dissident in Istanbul last November, criticizing the Islamic Republic's military and political leaders, Reuters reported.

Werdanjani was shot dead on an Istanbul street on November 14, 2019, just over a year after leaving Iran, according to Turkish officials".

According to a police report on the killing published about two weeks ago, Werdanjani was working in the cyber security of the Iranian Ministry of Defense and became a strong critic of the Iranian authorities.

 The report added that Werdanjani posted a message on social media criticizing Iran Revolutionary Guard in August, three months before he was killed.

 The hash tag "Assassination of an Iranian journalist in Istanbul" is the highest-profile tweet, after social media activists compared the Turkish position in the two cases, following a Reuters report on the incitement of "diplomats at the Iranian consulate in Istanbul to the killing of the Iranian journalist" the dissident, Werdingani."

Saudi jurist: Turkey and Iran commit massacres in Syria

"It is very natural for Turkey to cover up Iran and vice versa how they do not have common interests, for example, to circumvent them," said Haitham al-Gharbawi, member of the Amnesty International. Haitham al-Gharbawi, a member of Amnesty International Human Rights Organization in a special statement to Hawar News Agency.

"Iran has compelling evidence that Erdogan committed war crimes against the Syrian people that would bring him to international trial. Turkey also has evidence that Iran committed massacres against its people and executions against its opponents and those who were arrested after the demonstrations and whose blood was unfairly spilled, as well as "Serious violations have been committed by Iran and Turkey against the Syrian people until they are abused." al-Gharbawi noted.

"Turkey and Iran are following a policy of violence and repression against their peoples, which only knows what they really are," he said. "The wall and their liquidation of killings and prisons not to mention their crimes against the Syrian people, which are rising to the crimes of war to be tried internationally."



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