Kilo Issa: Ocalan extending a hand of peace from Imrali

A member of the Central Committee of the Syria Kurdish Democratic Party, Kilo Issa said that" Mr. Abdullah Ocalan extended a hand of peace from Imarli prison during his last message, He believed that Ocalan wanted to emphasize that dialogue is a way to resolve differences in the region.

Kilo Issa, a member of the Central Committee of the Syria Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKS), talked during an interview with Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the latest letter from the leader Ocalan from his prison.

Ocalan's lawyers met with him at the beginning of May. In addition, his brother, Mohammed Ocalan, was able to meet with him on the first day of Eid al-Fitr. Ocalan sent messages during the two meetings in which he called for resolving the outstanding problems in the region through dialogue and avoiding the policy of killing and denial. Which he said would not yield results.

And added "Mr. Ocalan is working to bring peace to the entire Middle East. He started from Turkey when he said that the Kurdish and Turkish people cannot live in isolation with each other. This means that a situation of co-existence between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, The Kurds live in their land within the Mesopotamia region and the Turks live in central Anatolia. "

Kilo said that" Ocalan said that the form of governance in the region must be democratic, open the state to the people, and all the forms of one-party rule or clans must be removed, any project other than this cannot manage the peoples of the region. "

As for Ocalan's letter to the hunger strikers, who called for the isolation to be lifted, Kilo Issa says: "Ocalan sent his message to his comrades who went on hunger strike, telling them that they do not have to go on hunger strike to end their lives, but to struggle to create a new life and raise the level of struggle."

A member of the Central Committee of the member of the Central Committee of the Syria Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKS), concluded his speech saying "What is important now is that the constituents of the people in the region, together with each other, build a human project that takes everyone to a place within themselves.



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