Kirkuk Council : They aim to provoke sedition, chaos

The Council of Kirkuk, through a statement said that the purpose of the attacks is to provoke sedition, while some sources close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, called on the Kurds to get out of the city.

The number of victims of the 6 explosions in Kirkuk, which some parties pointed out that Daesh mercenaries supported the attacks, has reached 7, in addition to wounding 29 others, in addition to the destruction of 10 vehicles, and many of the buildings were damaged.

According to the media, the people of the city stand in lines in front of the hospitals to donate blood to the injured.

In a related context, the Council of Kirkuk issued a statement on these attacks, in which it said, "We strongly condemn these attacks, and this attack during the holy month of Ramadan against civilians, shows the extent of the dirt of terrorism, we have taken more precautions and measures in the city and its surroundings."

The Council also noted that the aim of these attacks is to provoke chaos and strife between the components of the region, stressing that the people of Kirkuk will defend themselves and their areas against these attacks.

Sources close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party published through its pages(PDK NEWS) on social networking sites, claiming that the mercenaries are those who launched attacks on Kirkuk, and that Daesh would enter the city, and that the Iraqi army attacked the houses of Kurds in the city, and appealed to the Kurds to leave the city.


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