KLUP: Afrin liberation is all Syrians’ task

The Kurdistan Liberal Union Party condemned the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton, and indicated that the liberation of Afrin and the rest of the occupied areas is a task for all Syrians.

In a statement issued today, the p Kurdistan Liberal Union Party (KLUP) called for international action to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton.

The text of the statement read:

Statement to public opinion:

Today, January 20, is the third anniversary of the occupation of Afrin in Syria (Kurdish identity) by the Turkish occupation state and its sectarian mercenaries, the coalition army opposing the regime, which conspires under the orders of the new Ottoman Sultan of Brotherhood origin, who has a black dark ideology, until Afrin has become wounded under the weight of this barbaric invasion that brought nothing but devastation, as they displaced hundreds of thousands of its original inhabitants, and settled in their homes mercenaries of the fascist Turkish state in a shameful international and regional silence, and by the Syrian regime, which claims national sovereignty.

 We in the Kurdistan Liberal Union condemn in the strongest terms the hateful Turkish occupation of Afrin and the rest of the Syrian lands, and we demand its end, the exit of its mercenaries, and the return of the original inhabitants to it we also call on the international community and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Turkish occupation state to exit Afrin, and we also affirm the determination and priority to liberate Afrin from the filth of these criminals; Afrin must return to the bosom of the Syrian homeland sooner or later, and we affirm that the issue of liberating all Syrian lands is a national duty that all Syrians bear with all their components, and at the forefront of these priorities is the liberation of Afrin.

Afrin live free

Death to the Turkish regime and its sectarian mercenaries

No to international silence



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