KNC blesses Eid al-Adha and confirms: Resistance continues

The Kurdistan National Congress published a statement in which it blessed Eid Al-Adha feast on "freedom fighters, the people of Kurdistan, and the Islamic world", and said: The holiday coincides with the launch of the Turkish occupation of several Kurdish regions, stressing the continued resistance and struggle in the face of the occupation.

One day before the blessed Eid Al-Adha feast, which the Islamic world celebrates every year, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNC) issued a statement, congratulating the coming of the feast on the Islamic world and the Kurdish people.

Hawar News Agency obtained the text of the statement, which read:

"Tomorrow marks Eid Al-Adha, but unfortunately, we will celebrate it in bad conditions, as the attacks of the Turkish aggression against our people continue throughout Kurdistan, and our people are subjected to massacres and the destruction of the nature of our country, and the threats of the Turkish occupation to southern and western Kurdistan increase, as do the state pressures in eastern Kurdistan and social problems deepen day after day, at a time when our people live in southern Kurdistan a stifling political and economic crisis, but in the north the war of existence and non-existence continues, and with all this, the epidemic of Corona spread throughout Kurdistan.

The Turkish occupation is attacking our people in the north, south and west of Kurdistan, and has occupied a part of the lands in it, and wants to expand the occupation, as southern Kurdistan and especially the area of ​​Haftanin have been attacking for nearly a month and a half, but our people and our fighters are struggling and fighting by all means to make it fail, and on this occasion we congratulate and salute all the Guerrilla fighters, as we will follow the struggle and redemption of all the martyrs of the epic two-story and martyrs of freedom.

Certainly the resistance of our people continues, in the four parts as everywhere, for it is no longer the same as the past, but rather has a great awareness in the midst of a contemporary national democratic struggle, that the oppressed is not standing at the gates of its oppressors any longer, nor accepts oppression, injustice and enslavement, only trusts oneselfm, leader and struggle to gain his freedom.

While the whole world is fighting the Corona epidemic (Covid-19), our people, like previous years, will not be able to collectively bless this holiday, but whatever it is, this holiday will be celebrated in its usual sense.

We hope and believe that our people will be able to celebrate their festivals and celebrations in peace, tranquility and freedom soon, and on this occasion we congratulate this holiday on our detainees, freedom fighters, the people of Kurdistan and the Islamic world. "



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