KNK condemns Turkey's Konya racially motivated family attack

Kurdistan Nationalist Congress condemned the racially motivated attack on the Kurdish family in Konya  saying that '' it was directed by Turkish state and AKP –MHP alliance that give protection to assailants.

A statement was released by the Kurdistan Nationalist Congress, the KNK, in which it condemned the racially motivated attack on the Kurdish family in Konya calling on Kurds to unify against racists.

''the racist Turks attacked last night in the Maram quarter of the city of Konya in Turkey a Kurdish family and killed seven of its members. Attack on this family was not anew, on May 12 a 60-membered group attacked the very same family, in which members of the family were injured and threatened with death.

The Konya incident is not a usual one but a despised and barbaric massacre by all means. Lately, such massacres were committed in Izmir, Ankara, Konya, Afioun, Aski shehr, Antalya and many other places in biggest Turkish cities against Kurdish citizens. Up to date many Kurds were injured and others killed. These attacks are not isolated rather under directives of the Turkish state and government of Justice and Development Party-Turkish Nationalist Movement and Araginkon, that protect assailants. The aim of these attacks and practices is to frighten the Kurds and disorganize them to surrender to the Turkish state that is experienced in these issues against Armenians and the Greeks at the end of the 19 th and 2th centuries in the same manner that was followed by massacres and ethnic cleansing. Turkish state has a same plot against the Kurdish people.

On this occasion we call on all Kurdistani people not to remain silent regarding this barbarity but to assume his/her part in liberation movement to stand up to attackers and give support to victims, whatever the enemy does we are deemed victorious.

We, as well call on the public opinion and all democracy seeking and humanity defending powers to see the Turkish state barbarity and to give support to struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people.  

We at the same time condemn the racist Turkish attackers and give condolences to relatives of victims and ourselves and the whole Kurdistani people in this grieving infliction.



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