KNK: People's alliance represented by SDF defeated IS mercenaries

The Executive Body of the Kurdistan National Congress(KNK) said that the People's alliance represented by the Syrian Democratic Forces defeated mercenaries and congratulated all the peoples of the world on defeating IS.


Today, KNK issued a statement to the public opinion in which it congratulated all the world on defeating IS, asserting that the alliance of Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Armenians, Chaldeans and Assyrians defeated IS mercenaries.

KNK noted the beginning of IS occupation of the Syrian and Iraqi territories such as Mosul, Shengal, Mekhmour, al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Manbij, and others, and pointed out that mercenaries had established a system of "terrorist, unjust and corrupt" and that they were intent on annihilating the Kurdish people.

The statement pointed out that the efforts to promote the genocide of the Kurds emerged in 2014 when launched attacks on Shengal and Kobanî, the statement added, "However, the genocidal efforts have received a global response, where all countries of the world and the Global Coalition allied with Kobanî against IS."

The statement noted that after defeating IS, the Turkish state confused, and now it threatens the regions of northern and eastern Syria."

The statement pointed out that after the mercenaries have been ended in Syria by SDF and with the support of the Global Coalition "under the name of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign" we pay tribute for all the martyrs.

In its statement, KNK congratulated all the world after defeating IS by the People and Women Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF)  and the Peshmerga  who have saved the world from terrorism.



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