(KNK)- Rojava  condemns international plot against Abdullah Ocalan

 The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) - Rojava branch condemned the international plot that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in a statement.

The Kurdistan National Congress-Rojava issued a written statement on the 21st anniversary of the international plot against the leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

At the beginning, the statement condemned the international plot against the leader Ocalan on February 15, 1999.

"It is clear to everyone that the Turkish regime has not made any steps towards a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue yet. Therefore, we will not be able to defend our just cause and protect the gains of the Kurdish people without achieving national unity. It is important to move beyond the existing fragmentation and convergence for national unity.

There is no doubt that the feelings of the Kurdish people as well as their anger at the situation of the leader Apo have reached the highest levels. The international community must hold its legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities. We are confident that imprisoning Apo was not a place to hinder the struggle, but turned the prison into a great school of struggle worldwide. Today we see how Ocalan is one of the most influential figures in the Middle East."


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