KNK strongly condemns 1915 genocide

The Kurdistan National Conference (KNK) denounced the massacres committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 and demanded that all the parties and concerned institutions to recognize these massacres.


The Kurdistan National Conference's (KNK) leading body issued a statement to the public opinion in conjunction with the 103rd anniversary of the massacres committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

KNK said in its statement that the Ottoman Empire and its collaborators targeted in 1915 and annihilated the local Christian community in Mesopotamia and Anatolia, and many Kurdish Yazidis were also killed in these genocides.

KNK reported that more than half a million Assyrians, Syriacs and Chaldeans and more than a million Armenians were killed by various means in different places.

The statement pointed out that hundreds of thousands of people were forced to displace from their homeland through the law of displacement, and Islam was imposed on tens of thousands of children and young girls, and young women were married by force and in inhumane ways. Thousands of houses, churches and monasteries, schools, offices and factories were destroyed and stolen. Unidentified numbers of houses and properties were seized, in addition to permitting the killing of the Assyrian, Syriac, Chaldean and Armenian peoples, plundering their properties, and conceal their cultural and historical milestones. All these were done under the pretext of calling for Jihad.

KNK’s leadership body confirmed, "The Ottoman Empire has looted the area for hundreds of years, and in 1915, the people of this area were exterminated, and the wounded of the genocide are still bleeding."

Although 102 years have passed since the genocide, the Turkish state, which is the product of the Ottoman Empire, does not recognize it, meaning that it is a partner in these crimes. Moreover, on the 103rd anniversary of the genocide, we call on the Turkish state to recognize this genocide and take the necessary procedures in this regard. "

At the end of the statement, KNK's leadership said, "We, in KNK, strongly condemn the genocide committed in 1915, and call on all concerned parties and institutions to recognize this genocide."



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