Kobanî people condemned Turkish occupation attacks on Başûr

 Many of Kobanî people condemned and denounced the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on Başûr and the international silence over the practices and the violations of the Turkish government calling to close the Kurdish rank to address the violations of the Turkish invasion.

The people expressed their denounce against the attacks of the Turkish state on Başûr (South of Kurdistan) in the interviews conducted by ANHA agency and confirmed the importance of addressing these attacks by KRG and prevent the Turkish state from violating the sovereignty of Başûr.

This came in a time when the Turkish occupation launches attacks on the north of Başûr which resulted in the martyrdom of the civilians who are living in the region and no party showed any sever attitude to prevent Turkey of its violations which are flagrant violation of the sovereignty of  the Iraqi borders and the lands of Başûr.

In the context of these attacks the citizen Henan Hassan who is from Kobanî city made clear that the attacks of the Turkish invasion targeted the Kurdish civilians in the south of Kurdistan and led to martyrdom of many civilians.

Henan Hassan called on the Kurdish people to face the attacks and the policy of killing and the displacement practiced by the Turkish occupation against the Kurds.

In a related context, Firas Qasmlo one of Kobanî city people said that the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the lands of Başûr  are violence to the human rights because they ended the lives of a number of civilians.

4 civilians were martyred and5 others wounded in the bombing of the warplanes of the Turkish  occupation over the Kurtek Mountain in Qandil south of Kurdistan on last June 27. 

Firas said that the Turkish occupation supports and backs the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nasra and the terrorist factions in Idlib and uses them to achieve its interests in Syria and shells, bombs and intervenes in the neighboring countries' affairs under the name of fighting terrorism and the Turkish state is the biggest supporter for the terrorism.

Turkey intervenes in Afrin and inside of Turkey and violates the human rights in South Kurdistan and no one move to stop and limit its violations. 

The citizen Mahmoud Hemi Zekri on of the Kobanî People called on the government of Başûr Kurdistan to address the violations of the Turkish occupation and its practices against the people of the region and called on the people and the Kurdish parties to face and unite the ranks against everyone who violates the Kurdish rights.         



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