Kobanî women: Our meeting with Ocalan was turning point in our lives

Women from Kobanî city confirmed that their meeting with Ocalan motivated them to increase the pace of their struggle and adherence to their land, pointing out that his philosophy made them thought and will, and enabled them to get rid of the male mentality.


During the stay of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan in Syria and Lebanon, many people got the opportunity to meet him and know his idea closely, among them many women of Kobanî city were influenced by his ideas.

The mother Salha Atti who lives in Kobanî city, 75 years old, has previously lived in the Syrian capital Damascus, but after the Syrian crisis, she returned to the city of Kobanî.

During her stay in Damascus, Salha Atti was able to meet Ocalan years before the conspiracy carried out against him that led to his arrest on February 15, 1999. She does not remember exactly what year she met the leader, but according to what she says, the meeting apparently took place in the 1990s

During her talk, Salha Atti expressed her great happiness when she met with Ocalan and said that she talked with him on the issue of the Kurdish people, the stolen rights of the Kurds and the duties of the Kurdish people to increase the pace of the struggle for achieving freedom.

She said, "My meeting with Ocalan made me possess a strong will and increased my passion for my nationality and the struggle for it, and I have been able to offer the most precious I have for this thought that awakened us from ignorance and saved us from slavery and injustice."

Salha Atti said that after her meeting with Ocalan, she sent her daughter to join the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, and her second son joined the ranks of the Movement too, but he was arrested in Damascus 25 years ago and is still missed.

Salha confirmed that all conspiracies failed, as their goal was to silence the voice of truth and the non-spread of Ocalan's thought among the Kurdish people. However, the revolution of Rojava is the best proof of the spread of his ideas, and she promised to follow the thought of Ocalan and the path of the martyrs.

Khanem Mahmoud, a 52-year-old woman who met Ocalan in the 1990s, says in this regard, "Our meeting with Ocalan formed the spirit of struggle and high morale within us."

Khanem Mahmoud said, "After my meeting with the leader, I worked to spread his thought and philosophy among women. I also wanted to join the ranks of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, but the leader prevented me because I was the mother of three children."

Khanem Mahmoud confirmed that the plot against Ocalan had failed, and she added, "Today, we see his thought spreading all over the world. Although our leader is imprisoned, he is leading the world with his philosophy."

Khanem promised to follow Ocalan's thought and pursue the struggle until he gains his freedom.



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