Kobane city center and its countryside targeted by heavy weapons

The Turkish occupation is increasing its shelling against the villages in the region and has now targeted the villages Boban, Siftek, Sheikhler, Selim and Ashme in addition to the city center of Kobane with heavy weapons

Our correspondent from the region reports that the shelling carried out by the Turkish occupation against the region continues. The Turkish occupation targeted the city center of Kobane and the city`s vicinity as well as some villages in Kobane`s western countryside with dozens of artillery shells.

According to the information, the Turkish occupation army targeted the villages Boban, Siftek, Selim and Ashme, situated along the Syria-Turkey border to the west of Kobane city, in addition to Sheikhler which is situated adjacent to the occupied city of Jarablus on the eastern side of the Euphrates river.

Our correspondents report that the Turkish occupation is using their bases situated adjacent to Kobane to launch attacks and target Kobane city center with heavy weapons and artillery.

According to initial information, the shelling resulted in material damages to citizen`s properties.



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