Kobane residents bide farwell two martyrs of  Dignity Resistance 

Hundreds residents of Kobane canton, bid Farwell two martyrs of the Dignity Resistance  that SDF, launched against the Turkish occupation and mercenaries

Mourners  handed over in front of the Council of the Martyrs Families  the bodies of the martyrs, Bawer Aker, mom de guerre. Ahmed Akioz, and Rachid Rashid, who were martyred in Hawija village, which is linked to Gire Spi/Tal Abyad, during their participating in the Dignity Resistance  against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Hundreds of Kobane residents attended the bide farwell ceremonies which was held at the Shrine of the martyr Dijla, south of Kobane city as well as the members of the locals bodies in the city and political representatives.

The ceremonies started with silence moment in honor of the martyrs spirits. Then a speech was delivered by the Co-head of the Military Council in Kobane, Issmat Shex Hassan. He offered his condolences to the relatives of the martyrs and said;' sacrifices of the martyrs can not be described in words, but we have to take the oath to continue on their footsteps ti achieving the victory."

Then the administrator in the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement for the North and East of Syria, Haron Aboyei,  offered his condolences ina  speech he offered  to the families of the martyrs Bawer and Rachid, who were members of the youth movement.: "The Turkish occupation is carrying out the most heinous crimes against the spectra of north eastern Syria, under the pretext of protecting its borders,  "On the contrary, it violates all international laws and humanitarian principles by occupying our areas and committing crimes against our people, so we must continue to defend our land, which has been liberated by the blood of martyrs.

 After  finishing the words, the  martyrdom documents were read and handed over to their families.

 At the end of the ceremony, the bodies of the two martyrs were buried amid the chanting of the slogans that  glorify the martyrs by the mourners.



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