Kobani laid to rest Walat Shaaban

Hundreds of Kobani district residents laid to rest the martyr Walat Shaaban  at the Martyr Dijla Shrine. Shaaban was martyred on duty in Kobani canton.

Hundreds of Kobane People participated in the funeral of the martyr, Walat Shaaban, the nom de guerre, Walat Kobani, who was martyred in the Kobani district while carrying out his military duty.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in respect for the souls of the martyrs, after which the Co-chair of the Martyrs Families Council in the Euphrates region, Kilo Ali offered condolences to the families of the martyr, and he said: "Our resistance and the victories were the blood and souls of our lords. The enemy we face lacks all moral values ​​and dehumanizes, so it required us to make more sacrifices to obtain freedom and dignity."

Kilo Ali added: "We owe it to the martyrs, and we have to follow in their footsteps to be faithful to their sacrifices."

After completing the words, the martyr's document was read by the MFC and handed over to his family.

Then the mourners carried the body of the martyr on their shoulders, amid chanting slogans that immortalize the martyrs.

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