Kobani people demand to establish court to try Daesh 

 Kobani city's people have demanded the international community and everyone who cares with the fight against terrorism to support of the Autonomous Administration to establish a court in order to try Daesh mercenaries in north Syria.

 The people's demand to try Daesh mercenaries and establish a court for this purpose in north Syria came while thousands of mercenaries are held in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that defeated the mercenaries in their last stronghold in al Baguz town, east of Syria months ago.

Before eradicating the remnants of Daesh by SDF in the area, the mercenaries practiced horrible crimes against all the components of the citizens; Kurds, Arabs and others of the Syrian people, such as slaughtering, killing, displacing and destroying the cities and infrastructure in the area.

The citizen Izzat Buzan, a resident of Kobani city, called on the international community to work with AA to set up an international tribunal to try thousands of foreign and local mercenaries who surrendered themselves in al-Baguz town, the last strongholds of Daesh in Syria before being liberated by SDF.

The citizen Ghazi Mohammed, another citizen from Kobani city said, "Daesh mercenaries committed worst crimes such as killing the civilians, destroying the homes and looting the civilians' properties, and by virtue of sacrifices of our martyrs, we liberated the homeland, and now some countries are withdrawing their citizens from Syria without accountability. We do not accept killing them, but they must be tried according to the international law."

In her turn, Rahim Bozo, a citizen from Kobani said, "Daesh must be tried and it is better if that takes place in the city of Kobani, now hundreds of children are living without parents because Daesh should take their right legally."

Despite the demands of the people of the region for the need to speed up the establishment of an international tribunal in the region to try Daesh and ask AA to support the establishment of such a court, the international community, including the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the International Coalition to Combat Daesh have not taken clear positions in this regard.



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