Kobani people: Turkey must be excluded from occupied areas

Kobani canton's people have pointed out that the Turkish state targets the gains of the revolution by committing violations in the occupied areas, demanding form the humanitarian and international organizations and UN to put an end to the violations and exclusion Turkey from the occupied areas.

Atrocities are still being committed against the civilians, women, elderly and children in the occupied areas such as killing, abduction, rape and others of the violation that contradiction of the humane values, as are classified as war crimes, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry in Syria about what has been published in the last report about the situation in Syria.

In this context, Kobani people, in an interview with Hawar news agency ANHA, denounced the violations committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in the occupied areas, and denounced the international silence towards these violations, calling on the international community and human rights organizations to do their duty and stop Turkey from committing crimes against humanity.

The cleric, Mahmoud Othman, says, "The religion of Islam is the religion of brotherhood, love and peace, but some presidents commit crimes against humanity and occupy homelands in the name of religion, such as Turkey's President Erdogan, who brought ISIS into Syria and supported it, and when his plans failed and ISIS was defeated, he brought his army and its mercenaries to the lands and they began to occupy of the Syrian lands, and began to commit crimes and violations against humanity, children and women. Even the olive trees were not spared from their oppression.

In turn, citizen Hassan denounced the erasure of the violations of the Turkish occupation state in the occupied territories, saying, “He denounced the violations committed by the Turkish state in Serêkaniyê, Afrin, and Tal-Abyed, such as exodus to the killing of women and children, and the crimes committed by their mercenaries such as killing, kidnapping, theft and looting of the property of the people, aimed the International silence regarding these violations and crimes. "

For her part, the young woman, Rojin, denounced the crimes committed by Turkey against women and children in Afrin and Serêkaniyê, and said that "the Turkish state targets the gains of the revolution through the violations it commits against women and children and the special war it commits against our youth and our society."



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