Kobani people: Turkey seeks to eradicate Kurdish presence by targeting Heftanin

Kobani city's people decry Turkish occupation attacks on the Kurdish people, especially the recent attacks on the Heftanin area in southern Kurdistan, considering that these attacks and conspiracies come to exterminate the Kurdish presence.

The Turkish incursion is increasing day by day in the southern (Başûr) Kurdistan, striking Iraqi sovereignty, by the intense attacks on villages and civilians in those areas, and the establishment of military bases, the displacement of civilians and the burning of agricultural lands there.

Halima Osman condemned the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on southern Kurdistan, and added in an interview with Hawar news agency ANHA that "these attacks target the presence of the Kurds, and the government in southern Kurdistan must hold its duty towards the inhuman crimes committed by Turkey without distinguishing between elderly and youth."

Hassan Qattash, a resident of the Kobani canton, said: "These attacks not only target Heftanin, but also the Kurdish presence in general, and that Turkey is implementing its colonial plan to revive the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the people of these areas, violating international laws on human rights."

At the end of his speech, the Kurds called for uniting their opinion to deter these attacks and live in peace.

Turkey is launching extensive military campaigns targeting the Kurdish regions, whether in southern Kurdistan or Rojava, in front of the eyes and ears of the whole world, using all brutal methods and practices that amount to war crimes.

Ali Issa denounced the attacks launched by Turkey on the Kurdish areas in southern Kurdistan, explaining that "the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government is in solidarity with the Turkish occupation state to impose its control on those areas."

Issa also stressed at the end of his speech that they remain on the path of the democratic nation, and these attacks will increase their determination to continue resistance until victory and stand in the face of the Turkish colonial state.



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