Kobani people: We insist on resistance, not to allow Turkey to occupy area

A number of Kobani city's people said that the Kurdish people have a great ancient civilization which is considered the oldest among the peoples of the world that today are exposed to brutal practices such as oppression, pointing out that Turkey and other countries hostile the Kurds and seek to eradicate them, stressing that they will continue the resistance to protect their lands and their presence.

The Turkish occupation state continues to challenge the will of the peoples of the region, and commit horrible crimes such as killing, exodus, murder and displacement amid international silence towards these violations.

It is no secret how much Turkey has supported the terrorists and mercenary gangs that have wreaked havoc in the Middle East and Syria in particular, and yet, no international side or institution has demanded to hold Turkey the accountable for its repeated crimes.

In the midst of Turkey's hostile policy towards the neighboring countries, Turkey continues to threat the northern and eastern areas of Syria, revealing to the whole world its expansionist fascist intentions that will only be applied at the expense of the peoples of the region.

On a tour of Hawar news agency (ANHA) reporters in Kobani city's streets, a number of residents say they will resist on their land and will not be affected by Turkish threats.

"We prefer death to live under the Turkish occupation's domination"

Jawish Darwish, who is at 75 years old, says, "The Turkish state targets our regions from time to time, and seeks to occupy our territory and achieve its dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire."

He explained, "Everyone knows that Turkey has provided support to Daesh to attack areas of northern and eastern Syria," and confirmed their willingness to take up arms and repel any possible attack targeting their presence and values in the region.

"We will not give up; we will live despite our enemies like eagles over the mountains"

In his turn, the citizen Saeed Darei from Kobani canton said, "The Kurdish people have the oldest civilization in the world, so why are we now being exterminated and deprived of all our rights? The whole world is participating in this conspiracy that the Kurds face."

"Our people must be aware of the policies of countries that act in accordance with their interests, so we must be prepared to confront any aggression targeting our regions," he said.



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