Kobani: We will protect our land liberated by martyrs’ sacrifices

Many residents of Kobani confirmed that they would remain on their land, which had been liberated by the sacrifices of the martyrs, and would defend it until the last breath alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In light of the escalation of external threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria, especially from the Turkish side, which threatens to launch aggression on the region, the people of the region that they will defend their land alongside SDF and will not abandon them.

Hawar news agency has monitored the views of a number of residents of Kobani, which recorded a historic victory in the context of the war against ISIS, including Shaheen Rashid, owner of a shop in the city.

“We have had such an experience in the past when ISIS mercenaries attacked Kobani canton, but thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, all areas were liberated from the mercenaries. Now we are always ready to stand by our forces and defend our land from any external aggression, '' Shaheen said.

ISIS attacked Kobani in September 2014, but suffered its first-ever defeat in the small town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border in early 2015, after nearly four months of bloody battles in the city's neighborhoods and streets.

ISIS defeated after its defeat in the city of Kobani until it was completely eliminated militarily a few months ago in Baghouz, eastern Syria, thanks to the popular resistance and the steadfastness of the SDF and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the face of Daesh mercenaries’ attacks.

"No one has the right to enter our land, which was liberated thanks to the heroics and sacrifices of our heroic martyrs," said Ahmed Haj Kendo, a native of Kobani.

"We always call for peace, we are not used to anyone, but if anyone dares to attack northern and eastern Syria, we will be on the front lines of the fighting to defend ourselves."

"We do not accept any external aggression on our land. We will be with our troops defending the peace project and working hard to protect our borders from external terrorism," said Firas Atto.



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