Kongra Star celebrated International Women's Day in Lebanon

،Kongra Star in Lebanon organized a celebration on occasion of International Women's Day, with the participation of hundreds of members of the Kurdish community, Lebanese and Palestinian women's organizations and associations, and a number of dancing and singing bands.


The ceremony was held at al-Suwes Hall in Al Jadida area in Beirut. The celebration started with holding a minute of silence. Several speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of Kongra Star, delivered by Hidia Hassan, the President of the Newroz Cultural and Social Association Hanan Othman and the representative of the Armenian International Conference Hamo Muskafian and the Director of Relations General of the Palestinian Women's Association Suad Abdullah, and on behalf of the women of Shatila camp, delivered by Arij al-Kurdi.

The speeches congratulated all the women on occasion of the International Women's Day and all women's freedom movements, and singled out the Kurdish women who have become role models for the women of the Middle East in resistance, struggle, freedom and participation in all fields.

The speeches pointed out that the Kurdish women, although they suffered a lot of injustice and the most heinous crimes by the dictatorial regimes in the region, and by the mercenary groups in different names, as happened in Shengal and then Afrin, but they were able to stand in the face of these challenges and became an icon of struggling, stressing that this will came thanks to the thought and philosophy of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

Furthermore, the celebration was followed by singing and dance performances by several participating bands.



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