​​​​​​​Kongra Star, Martyrs' Families Council condemn Turkish bombing

Kongra Star and the Martyrs’ Families Council in Girkê Legê denounced the crime committed by the Turkish occupation, which resulted in the death of citizens as a result of being targeted by a drone in the countryside of the district.

 Today, Tuesday, a Turkish occupation army drone bombed a car at the junction of the village of Tal Juman, in the district, resulting in the death of two citizens.

 Today, the Turkish occupation targeted, through a drone, a car near the village of Tel Juman in the Girkê Legê district, which resulted in the death of the two co-chairs of the Justice and Reform Office, Zeinab Muhammad and Yilmaz Shero.

 As a result of the attack, dozens of families, members of Kongra Star and the Martyrs' Families Council in the district headed to the site of the attack.

 After standing for a minute of silence, the co-chair of the Martyrs’ Families Council in the district, Ihsan Shibli, delivered a speech in which he condemned the Turkish drone bombing of civilians and said, “On a daily basis, Turkish drones target civilians under the watchful eye of the coalition forces without any reaction to the attacks of the Turkish occupation.”

 He added, "The people of Rojava sacrificed for all the peoples of the world while they confronted and eliminated ISIS terrorism."

 Shibli also called on the international community to move to put an end to the attacks of the Turkish occupation.



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