Kouchner: We will work to face Turkey's practices of killing, displacement, demographic change

Former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said that after attending the forum and returning to their country, they will work to confront the Turkish threat to the peoples of the area, which practices killing and displacement and pursuing policies of demographic change.


The International Forum on Ethnic Cleansing and Demographic Change continues in Afrin, where former Foreign Minister David Coshnir delivered a speech during which he stressed that they will work to limit the practices and violations of the Turkish state against the peoples of the area.

Former foreign minister in France, Bernard Kouchner, said: "As human rights activists, we were very afraid of the reaction of the people as all these wars are practiced against the poor nation."

He added "We have to face these violent acts of the Turkish occupation, but first we must ask why this silence is being practiced against the Kurds, for us, we consider the people in Rojava are the most important because they are suffering from the crisis and the violations committed against them by their neighbors."

He noted that "the beginning of peace is a suffering in itself because you have to confront your enemy and convers it at the same time."

Bernard Kouchner promised that in the event of their return to their country they will work seriously to limit these practices by the Turkish state, which committed murder, displacement and demographic change against the people of Afrin.

He said to the peoples of Rojava "You are part of a big game, because the Middle East is facing a big game as many countries are trying to impose their control over the Middle East, including Russia, America, Iran and Syria,"

Kouchner said, "We repeat our promise once again that we will always be with the people of Rojava."

Former Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner thanked all those who contributed to the organization of the Forum amidst the sensitive conditions in the area



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