KRG hands over a Kurdish politician to Turkey

​​​​​​​The Kurdistan Region authorities handed over a Kurdish political activist from Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) to the Turkish authorities, after arresting him less than a month after he went to Hewler.

Asayish forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party handed over Bartan to the Turkish authorities on the twenty-eighth of last January, according to Roj News Agency.

Omar Bartan (48 years) was arrested by Asayish forces in July 2019, less than a month after he went to Hewler from Turkey, where he spent twelve years in its prisons.

The authorities arrested the Kurdish political activist, whose origin from the city of Badlis in the Tetouan region in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), for his political activities.

According to what Bartan's family reported to Roj News Agency, they had not obtained any information about him or his health status since his arrest in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) in 2019, until the Turkish police contacted them in Şırnak town in southeastern Turkey, confirming that they had arrested Omar when he tried to cross the border.

On the twenty-second of this February, Omar Bartan called his family from Şırnak prison in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), and told them that he had been subjected to pressures and threats when he was arrested in Hewler to work as spy.

He told his family that he refused, and therefore his hands were tied and his eye blindfolded, and he was transferred to the border with Bakur Kurdistan, on last January 28.

Bartan stated that the Asayish of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) did not officially extradite him to Turkey, but they crossed the Ibrahim Khalil border gate to the north and left him there, handcuffed and blindfolded, and from there the Turkish state police arrested him, and after the interrogation, he was taken to court and sent to Şırnak prison.

3 other cases, was sentenced on him, if Turkish court ruled, which led to prison him for long time.


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