KSC: All women must rally around their revolution against genocidal attacks of Turkish occupation

 The Kongra Star Council stressed that all women should rally around their revolution, gains and military forces against the genocidal threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation on the region, against the background of the recent attack that targeted the three leaders of the Women's Protection Units by the Turkish occupation state.

 The Kongra Star Council issued a book statement, condemning the Turkish occupation’s targeting of the three leaders of the Women’s Protection Units, the commander of the Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT) Jiyan Tolholdan, the leader in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) Roj Khabour, and the fighter in the ATU Barin Bhutan, on Friday.  (July 22) on Qamishlo Road.

At the beginning of its statement, which we received a copy of, it stated:

 “The bankruptcy of the Turkish state’s policies to carry out a military operation in northern and eastern Syria was translated in a brutal and inhuman manner by targeting a car on the Qamishlo road with a drone, which resulted in the martyrdom of the leader of the Women’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces, Jiyan Tolholdan, who was at the same time the general commander of the Anti-Terror Units,  And the two leaders, Roj Khabour and Barin Botan, as they left the city of Qamishlo after participating in the forum that was held in it on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the July 19 revolution.

 The Council strongly condemned this "criminal act against those who protected the world from the danger of terrorism," referring to the three female leaders who fought against ISIS mercenaries during their attacks on the region.

 He recalled all the martyrs with respect and reverence, stressing, "We will take great revenge on our martyrs, and we will always follow the line of the martyrs, in our march for the freedom of our leader and the freedom of Kurdistan and take steps with more self-confidence, and work to achieve their hopes for which they fought."

Regarding the role of the Women's Protection Units in defending north and east Syria, the council said: "The Women's Protection Units, have proven themselves."  She stressed: "Therefore, and in order to protect the 10 years of the revolution, all women must rally around their revolution, their gains and their military forces to defend the land and the people against the constant threats and genocidal attacks. They should raise the pace of struggle and organize the strongest in all arenas and squares on the basis and principles of the revolutionary people's war."

 He added, "For decades, the Turkish state has been fighting all those who call for freedom and democracy, including parliamentarians, activists, politicians, human rights defenders, and media professionals, as they are targeted without being bound by any international charters or laws."

 He continued, "We know what the Turkish state has been doing for several years now, as it targets Kurdish women," pointing to the Turkish occupation's attempt to target Kurdish women;  Because it leads the march of freedom and democracy for all women of the world.

 The council considered, "Therefore, the Turkish state is trying to target them wherever they are, so we saw what happened in Kobani of targeting women politicians, in addition to what happened in France when (Sakine Cansiz, Leila Dogan, and Fidan Shailemez) were targeted by Turkish intelligence, and women in the occupied areas were also targeted.

 He called on women's movements in the world and all peoples struggling and demanding freedom to confront the brutal and treacherous attack, and to take a historical and striving position for freedom.  It also appealed to all women to join the arenas of resistance and struggle for freedom.

 In conclusion, criticizing the silence of international human rights institutions, saying: "This silence means participating in war crimes against the Women's Protection Units, which were able to stave off the threat of ISIS from the world, and called on the international community to pursue and prosecute war crimes and end the Turkish occupation of the region."



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