Kurdish community in Lebanon commemorated the Resistance of July 14 martyrs

Dozens of the Kurdish community in Lebanon commemorated the  37th anniversary of the martyrs in Amed prison of Bakur Kurdistan.

Amed prison in 1982 showed great resistance from fighters from the founders of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, such as Kemal Pir, Ali Jijk, Muhammad Khairi Dermush and Mazlum Dogan. The fighters resisted Turkish fascism in Bakur. Some of them set fire to themselves rejecting the Turkish politics. This resistance has become an example to be followed in the Kurdish circles until today.

To commemorate the martyrs of July 14, the Democratic Society Movement in Beirut organized a meeting attended by dozens of the Kurdish community in Lebanon. The ceremony began with holding a minute of silence followed by delivering a speech by the Movement for Democratic Society by Netwi Ghemgin, She stressed that the continuation of the revolution and the struggle throughout Kurdistan against the authoritarian regimes occupied Kurdistan, thanks to the spark of resistance that started from the prison of Amed.

She also condemned the continuation of the aggression and the Turkish attacks on Medya areas in the south and north of Kurdistan, the violations practiced by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin, calling all the Kurdish forces and the Kurdish people to stand together in the face of attacks and violations in all parts of Kurdistan,

Moreover, the meeting ended with slogans that saluted the resistance of the martyrs of freedom.



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