Kurdish Community in Lebanon congratulated Labor Day

The Newroz Cultural and Social Association and Lebanese organizations organized a march on the occasion of the International Labor Day, in which hundreds of members of the Kurdish community in Lebanon participated.

The march was launched from a museum in Beirut to the martyrs' square in the center of the capital, and the participants raised the pictures of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, Kurdish flags and symbols, chanting slogans that demand the freedom of Ocalan and the liberation of Afrin.

Massive crowds have been arrived to al-Shuhada (Martyrs) square for delivering a statement to the public opinion which was read by the member of the Association Newroz Suleiman.

The statement congratulated all the people, the working class, the hardworking people of the world, the activists for freedom, democracy, socialism and all oppressed peoples and wished them success and victory.

And added, "What is happening today in our region emphasizes that it is not possible to achieve freedom, equality, democratic socialism by the regimes in their present form and the present concept of the state. Therefore, the theory of democratic modernism developed by Kurdish leader and thinker Ocalan, who laid the foundation of struggle and resistance for the freedom of the oppressed peoples must be discussed."

The statement stressed that "the Kurds are engaged in a struggle everywhere and are working to build a communal community based on democracy, and they are working to organize their society in accordance with the democratic nation's concept."

The statement added, "We renew the call to escalate the struggle everywhere, participate in the organized events on this occasion, and unite the struggle of Labor Day with the resistance of the strugglers in the campaign to "Break the Isolation and Defeat Fascism" in all squares and fields.



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