Kurdish intellectual: Plot continues, leader is present through his ideology

Writer and intellectual Faramz Muhammad said: The Rojava Revolution was achieved thanks to the ideas and directions of leader Abdullah Ocalan, through the democratic nation 's project.

The case of leader Ocalan, what he is being exposed in Imrali prison as pressures and human rights violations by isolating him entirely, has become a concern for many popular circles, and this issue is no longer just a case of an arrested revolutionary leader, but rather exceeded it to become the cause of the oppressed peoples and the demand for freedom. Especially after Ocalan's democratic nation project achieved significant gains during the Rojava NE, Syria revolution.

The peoples of the region have looked to Ocalan's theories and visions as a way to escape from the conflicts that have ravaged the peoples of the region for centuries.

Writer and intellectual Faramz Muhammad saw that the main reason for the international conspiracy that led to Ocalan's arrest is the fear of capitalist regimes from the spread of the approach to freedom of peoples in the Middle East, especially since these ideas call for the elimination of capitalist and ruling nationalist regimes, and establishing democratic systems based on co-existence and the brotherhood of the peoples.

Ocalan's goal is to spread democracy in the Middle East

Muhammad noted that the goal of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is to establish a free human society, and to spread democracy among the societies of the Middle East to avoid conflicts and disputes that ravage them, and continues to this day.

The Rojava Revolution was achieved thanks to Ocalan's guidance and ideas

Faramez Muhammad confirmed that the Rojava Revolution was achieved "thanks to the ideas and directions of leader Abdullah Ocalan," and added, "When the Rojava Revolution began, the Leader presented from his prison, the project of the democratic nation and called for establishing an administration based on the co-existence of societies. The leader, and with those instructions the Rojava Revolution won, and on the basis of his ideas the people organized themselves. "

The conspiracy is still continuing and the leader is among us with his ideas

Muhammad touched upon what the Kurdish people are exposed to in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in Rojava and northern Syria, which is the occupation of the Rojava lands and the perpetration of massacres against its people, and the perpetration of ethnic genocide, as happens in Afrin, Serêkaniyê /Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî / Tel-Abyed, which led to the continuation of The plot targeted the Kurds and the peoples of the region in the person of the leader.

He also noted that Ocalan's ideas existed among the peoples of the region, "through the application of these ideas on the ground, by strengthening the brotherhood of peoples and co-existence, and following the leader's approach and lifestyle."

Faramz called on Muhammad to adhere to the guidance and ideas of leader Ocalan, "by strengthening the organization and unity of the rank, and working to establish community institutions and protect the gains of the revolution, in this way we will be able to thwart the conspiracy, and write a new history."



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