Kurdish Left Party in Syria is considered a massacre of Tel Rifat genocide

The political office of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, said that the brutal Turkish massacre of children in Tel Rifaat is genocide and crimes against humanity, and called for the continuation of the struggle against the occupation and punishment for its crimes.

Yesterday, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombarded the city of Tal Rifaat, where there are displaced people from Afrin, who were forcibly displaced as a result of Turkey's occupation of the city of Afrin and massacres against civilians, killing civilians, mostly children, and injuring 12 others.

In this context, the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria issued today a statement to the public opinion condemning and condemning the brutal and treacherous massacre committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries from the so-called "Free Army" against the children in the city of Tel Rifaat.

The statement stressed that the heinous massacre is added to the thousands of crimes infested by the Turkish inhuman criminal record against the Kurdish and Arab people, and against the Armenians, Syriacs and Cypriots, which must be paid for one day, "all of which are genocide crimes and crimes against humanity. All these crimes must be held accountable for international law, the law of human rights and all heavenly customs and laws. "

And called on the Kurdish people, their political movement and all the peoples of the world and the international community to intensify the struggle against Turkish fascism and punish them for their crimes. It pursues a policy of systematic ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish people in all the territories it has occupied in Rojava Kurdistan and NE, Syria. "

The statement stressed that the permanent Turkish aggression in all its forms against the Kurdish people and the horror that will not intimidate, but on the contrary, these crimes will only increase the determination and to continue his just struggle, "will bite our people to their pain, and will move forward to take its right will not forget even for a moment the Turkish occupation of Serêkaniyê, GIRÊ SPî, Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin and every inch of Syrian territory.

At the end of the statement, the party extended its heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and wished the wounded a speedy recovery.



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