Kurdish media professional: Elham's visit to US was positive step in Kurdish diplomacy

According to the Kurdish media professional Saleh Demijer who is residing in America who noted that Elham Ahmed’s visit to America was a positive step in the Kurdish diplomacy on the international political scene, and pointed out that it affected the American public opinion.


The Kurdish media professional working for Voice of America radio, Saleh Demijer, said that the visit of the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) achieved many goals in the US-Kurdish relations.

Saleh told Hawar news agency "What is after the end of the war against IS? the war is in its final stage and we have the right to know the road map in the north of Syria after IS."

Saleh pointed out the statements of US President Donald Trump, in which he said that he "loves the Kurds and will protect them," commenting on "How serious is America in protecting the Kurds in the future in the face of Turkey's threats to the region from time to time and its intention to destroy and destabilize the areas? There is nothing on the ground formally or legally in the words of American politicians on the future of the region in the north of Syria."

He added, "the American people support the cause of our people and seek to protect the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in the north of Syria, the Kurds sacrificed their children in order to preserve their land and ensure stability against IS, and this is the demand of the American people too, the elimination of IS and its supporters linked to national global security, .

On the role of the Kurdish community in America and its role in influencing the US decision, Saleh said, "There are Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan, but we lack unity and joint action like other communities. We meet sometimes on certain occasions there is no organization that organize the Kurds here.



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