Kurdish MPs criticize repeated abuses of non-Persian nationalities: Our people are the oldest in Iran

Fifteen Kurdish parliamentarians criticized the repeated abuses, on state television, of non-Persian nationalities in Iran, and one of the parliamentarians said that the Kurds are the oldest in Iran and they are an indigenous people.

Kurdish parliamentarians in Iran sent an open letter to the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, in which they criticized the "repeated insults to the country's nationalities by officials and guests of Iranian television programs."

According to Asharq Al-Awsat, the message comes after a TV program on the official channel 2 sparked anger among the Kurds in Iran, as the presenter likened the folkloric Kurdish dress to "shepherds' clothes" and asks his guest, a Kurdish academic, about the reason for wearing this dress, and in return, the guest responds in a calm way by explaining the connotations of Kurdish men's clothing and its historical roots, saying that it is "a symbol of getting rid of the grip of injustice."

In the message, the parliamentarian criticized the Iranian television's approach to dealing with people of nationalities, warning that it was "wrong and opposed to national security and cohesion," and indicated that Iranian television is thus working to "spread hatred, forgery and abuse."

MP Kamal Por Hosseini said in an ultimatum addressed to the television from the parliament platform, that "the Kurdish people are among the oldest and most original nationalities in Iran. Why does the national television, whose budget is available from the House of Money, direct daily insults to the original Iranian nationalities such as the Kurds, the Lurish, the Turkmen and the Balochs?"

The MP asked: "Why do you allow insulting the original Iranian nationalities? We, the Kurdish, will not allow anyone to offend nationalities."


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