Kurdish parties denounce regime threats, call for dialogue

A group of Kurdish political parties called on the Syrian regime to stop launching threats against the peoples of North and East Syria and to start dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis.


A group of political parties issued a joint statement congratulating all the peoples of Syria and condemning the statements and threats of the Syrian regime.

The statement referred to the threats made by the Syrian regime towards the regions of North and East of Syria.

"The Syrian regime, as well as all the relevant forces and the world public opinion, must know that the North and East regions of Syria have been liberated from the injustice of mercenaries, more than two thousand martyrs of our Arab people and hundreds of martyrs of our Turkmen, thousands of martyrs of our Kurdish people turned these areas to the safest areas in Syria where all peoples live together.

The statement pointed out that the areas that must be liberated are the areas under the control of the Turkish occupation, such as Idlib, al-Bab, Azaz, Jrablos and Afrin, the regime must take a hostile position against the Turkish occupation state instead of threatening our areas.

Political parties stressed that the threats of the Syrian regime will only gain hostility and opposition of the peoples of the region Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, and others. These threats do not serve Syria's unity and do not serve the interests of freedom and peace and called on the regime to resort to dialogue.

The signatories of this statement

Kurdistan Green Party

The Kurdish Democratic Alliance in Syria

The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria - al-Parti

Kurdistan Liberal Union

Party of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Democratic Party of Kurdistan - Syria

Kurdistan Communist Party

Brotherhood Party of Kurdistan

Kurdish Future Movement Party in Syria

The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria

Democratic Union Party

Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria - Yekiti.

Left Democratic Party

Kurdish Left Party in Syria

Party of Modernity of Kurdistan

Future Kurdish Party in Syria

Democratic Peace Party

Union of Workers

Roj Party of Kurdistan.



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