Kurdish parties denounce the Turkish attacks on Qandil

Five Kurdish parties have condemned in a joint statement issued today "the blatant assaults of the Turkish occupation on the villages of Kortek in the Qandil region of southern Kurdistan."

A group of Kurdish parties, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria, the Free Patriotic Union party in Rojava, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Syria, the Kurdistan Brotherhood Party, the Democratic Struggle Party in Syria, issued a joint statement condemning the recent Turkish attacks on areas in southern Kurdistan.

The statement of the five parties:

The Turkish occupation army continues its hostile and retaliatory behavior in the fight against the Kurdish people by all means, especially the daily bombing of the warplanes on the territory of southern Kurdistan, in conjunction with the implementation of criminal operations against civilians in the region of Afrin western Kurdistan, in violation of all international conventions and charters in penetrating Iraqi and Syrian airspace.

Among these flagrant violations, IOF warplanes targeted a group of unarmed civilians in the villages of Jabal Qurtak and Qandil areas on Thursday 27/6/2019, resulting in a number of martyrs and wounded, resulting in extensive destruction of property. This shows the truth about the criminal behavior of the Turkish occupation towards our Kurdish people and explains to the silent international community about these violations the extent of the nature of these hostile policies, taking advantage of the silence of the United Nations, which is still on the sidelines.

While condemning and denouncing this brutal attack by the Turkish occupation army on the villages of Kurtek and the property of civilians within the territory of southern Kurdistan, we call upon the international community and the United Nations to take a serious stand on these blatant Turkish violations. We are surprised by the silence of the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

The aggressive behaviors and daily military practices of the Turkish occupation are only part of these hostile schemes that threaten the Kurdish presence. This requires the geopolitical and security conditions in the region to unite the Kurdish ranks and unite their efforts and position in confronting these dangers.

In this regard, we appeal to the Kurdish forces in general, and in particular the Kurdistan Regional Government, to take immediate action to protect civilians, renounce differences and open Kurdish-Kurdish cohesion in the face of the dangers that face our people and our cause in the four parts of Kurdistan. They have to realize that the Turkish hostile operations threaten the Kurdish presence, not only do they intend to target the Kurdistan Freedom Movement or a certain Kurdish party.


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