Kurdish parties in Rojava meet with Kurdistan Democratic Party

Meanwhile, the delegation of the Kurdish parties in Rojava met with representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Resort of Salah al-Din north of the city of Hewler.

According to Roj News, the delegation of the Kurdish parties in Rojava, which includes the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party PYD Shahuz Hassan, the President of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria Jamal Sheikh Baqi, and the head of the left-wing Kurdish Syrian Mohammed Musa, and Vice-President of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria Mustafa Mashayikh , and representative of Kongra Star Jihan Khalil.

"Our aim is to visit the delegation of the Kurdish parties to the Kurdish Basûr to hold meetings with the Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan region and the offices of the Kurdish parties present there," Mustafa Mashayikh said.

Mustafa said that the purpose of the visit to put forward some of their demands on those parties, namely, unify the Kurdistan vision about what is happening in Kurdistan, and said: "There are strong attacks on the four parts of Kurdistan, mostly by the Turkish occupation, where they launch aggressive attacks on areas of Başûr  Kurdistan, the occupation of Afrin and repeated Turkish threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria, and the persecution of the people of Bakur Kurdistan. "

According to Rojnews, the meeting of the delegation of Kurdish parties in Rojava with the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq is closed to the media.



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