Kurdish politician: Kurdish people insist to resist Turkish occupation

The Official in the Democratic Union Party's Office in Shiran district Saleh Noah, the Kurdish people are convinced of the need to resist the Turkish occupation.

Hawar news agency (ANAH) held an interview with the Kurdish Politician and Official in the Democratic Union Party's Office in Shiran district Saleh Noah, talked about the Turkish attacks on the areas of south Kurdistan.

As the areas of south Kurdistan witnessed ground and air attacks by the Turkish occupation army.

Turkey has established 28 camps in south Kurdistan, despite the Iraqi government's refusal, in addition to its systematic bombardment of defenseless citizens in villages, where the Turkish arsenal committed the worst massacres against the Kurdish people, in violation of all international conventions on respect for the rights of neighboring countries

"The Turkish state occupies south Kurdistan in public. It is unreasonable for a state to build 28 camps in another country without its consent," says Saleh Noah.

The Iraqi political scene has witnessed a rejection of the Turkish presence on Iraqi territory, and the Iraqi parliament was one of the most prominent rejectionists, in addition to the debates and reactions between the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Haidar Abadi, former Iraqi Prime Minister, where the latter rejected any kind of Turkish military action in Iraqi territory

The Kurdish politician stressed that "KRG must retreat itself as the Kurdish people cannot be a victim of protecting the interests of the ruling family."

Saleh pointed out that the government of justice and development refuses to even mention a word on the Kurdish issue, adding that "the Kurdish people are sure that there is a need for resistance and victory will not be fooled by Turkish politics."



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