Kurdish politicians: National, moral duty force us to support Kurdish unity's efforts

Kurdish politicians called for the necessity of the participation of all political parties and social actors in the endeavors to achieve unity of the Kurdish rank, and they stressed that the only way to protect the gains is the success of these endeavors.

Politicians from Girkê Legê district they said in brief statements to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that the national and moral duty requires the support of the efforts of the unity of the Kurdish row.

The people are looking forward to achieving positive results on the issue of Kurdish unity

Member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Abdel-Halim Ahmed Nouh, pointed out that the Kurdish people are looking forward to achieving Kurdish unity after a series of positive initiatives that have emerged in the recent period. "After General Mazloum Abdi's initiative on unifying the ranks of the Kurdish movement, opening the door for dialogue with all parties, and allowing all parties to open their offices by Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria, our people are looking forward to the next steps, and looking to achieve unity of ranks," he said. "

Ahmed indicated that the recent initiatives put the issue of Kurdish unity in front of a new stage and a new turn to work to strengthen dialogue between the Kurdish parties and to achieve the hopes of our people who aspire to political dialogue between the parties positively. We are currently facing a historic opportunity to reach positive results to achieve unity and freedom."

Turkey took advantage of the Kurdish fragmentation and division

Abdel-Halim Ahmed also indicated that the enemies of the Kurdish people are taking advantage of the fragmentation and division to achieve their colonial goals. "Turkey benefited from the state of division between the Kurdish parties, and fulfilled its ambitions to occupy Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and GIRÊ SPî the Kurdish people are the ones who pay the price of the state of division among the Kurdish parties.

Ahmed also criticized the position of some Kurdish parties that supported and expressed solidarity with the Turkish occupation in occupying those areas.

The national and moral duty requires the support and assistance of the efforts of the unity of the Kurdish row.

Abdel Halim Ahmed touched upon the meetings between the Kurdish parties, stressing that achieving this unity would defeat the plans of the Turkish state that seeks to reinforce the separation and fabricate internal fighting between the Kurds themselves, which would allow them to occupy more areas.

He also added, "The human, moral and patriotic duty requires every individual to respond, support political dialogue. We all hope that these endeavors will succeed, because we are witnessing a historic opportunity for the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan, because unity is the only key to liberating our regions from the Turkish occupation."

Member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Abdul Halim Ahmed, called at the end of his speech, all political parties, Kurdish intellectuals and social organizations, to participate in these endeavors, express their opinions and positions, and submit proposals that would succeed in the endeavors to achieve Kurdish unity.

A member of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, Nuri Ahmed, indicated that Kurdish unity is a basic requirement for every Kurdish person.

He added, "We are going through a very difficult stage, especially with the escalation of Turkish attacks, and its efforts to occupy our regions and change their demography, and therefore national unity is the only solution to address these Turkish endeavors."

All parties and social institutions should participate in the discussions of the Unity of the Kurdish row

Nuri Muhammad positively valued the start of discussions and meetings between the Kurdish parties, and said, "If these discussions succeed, they will produce positive results, but all political parties and civil society organizations must participate in these meetings to reach unified positions and appropriate formulas, because if we do not succeed in achieving unity, we will never be able to protect our gains. "



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