Kurdish politicians: Silence of KRG encourages Turkey to occupy Kurdish areas

Kurdish politicians believe that the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government encourages Turkey to occupy the Kurdish areas. They stressed the need for the government to stand with the Kurdish people in the face of the occupation instead of partnering with Turkey.

The Turkish occupation state continues to launch its attacks on the Haftanin mountains in the legitimate defense areas, Medya, with the aim of occupying more territories in southern Kurdistan, while the guerrillas continue to resist the Turkish occupation.

On June 14, the Turkish occupation state announced the start of a military ground and air offensive in the Haftanin area within the legitimate defense zones in southern Kurdistan, Başur.

While the Turkish occupation state attacks the Kurdish areas and occupies them one by one, the KRG keeps silent about these attacks, which also resulted in civilian casualties in the villages within the area under attack.

For its part, the Iraqi state reacted to the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on its areas, but these did not translate into actions on the ground.

Kilo Issa, member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party in the Euphrates region, said, "The Turkish state's history of hostility towards the Kurds in known. After the weakness of the Syrian and Iraqi states, Turkey exploited this opportunity to create problems and strife among the Kurdish people and break their will to thwart the democratic nation’s project by launching its attacks on the Kurdish regions.

Issa noted that the Turkish state's its attacks on northern Syria and the legitimate defense areas, aim to divert the attention of Turkey internal and cover up its political and economic problems.

He explained that "The Turkish state seeks to divide the Kurdish regions, so that it can sever the link between northern, southern and western Kurdistan."

He stressed that "the Turkish state continues to work on the violations and crimes that ISIS started. Today,  the same crimes are committed by the Turkish-backed factions in Afrin, Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain and Girê Spi / Tal Abyad, and their attacks on the regions of Shengal and Haftanin, and not Libya also surrenders its mercenaries, as it wants to expand its borders, and international powers and world countries must stand up to this occupation. "

The Turkey-affiliated mercenary groups are committing crimes against humanity on daily basis in the occupied areas, such as kidnapping, arresting, robbing, killing women and children.

He pointed out that "the silence of the KRG towards the violations of Turkey in Shengal and Haftanin is a shame," and said, "It must not be a partner to the crimes of the Turkish state." We understand the existence of its economic interests with Turkey and that it protects its interests and cannot confront them, but Nevertheless, it must state that it does not accept these violations on its territory or file a complaint with the United Nations. "

Issa concluded his speech by saying, "We hope that the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government will be with their Kurdish brothers and sisters in Haftanin, and raise their voices against the occupation."

In turn, the Administrator in the Training Committee of the Democratic Union Party Council in the Euphrates region, Nasra Darwish, said, "The silence of the Government of Southern Kurdistan helped the Turkish state to establish its military bases on Iraqi lands, which is a big mistake and serves Turkey's interests. After Haftanin, the turn will come to other areas in southern Kurdistan."

Nasra Darwish indicated that the Turkish state wants to repeat the scenario of massacres and crimes against Shengal and work on what ISIS was unable to do, which is the occupation of Shengal, Haftanin, and the legitimate defense areas.

The Turkish occupation state launched an air attack on the Shengal area and the Maxmur camp in southern Kurdistan on the 14th of last June, two days before the start of the military attack on Haftanin.

On August 3, 2014, ISIS mercenaries attacked the Shengal area and committed a massacre in which 5 thousand civilians were killed, kidnapped and missing, most of them women and children.

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