Kurdish Red Crescent: 88 people subjected to quarantine

The Kurdish Red Crescent organization said that the number of people in contact with the infected cases has reached 88 people so far, most of them in the city of Qamishlo. It noted that they subject them to the home quarantine and follow up their cases on a daily basis to prove the infected from the non-infected.

The Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria declared yesterday during a press conference held in Qamishlo city that four confirmed cases of Corona virus were recorded, three cases in Qamishlo city and one case in al-Hasakah.

After that, the Kurdish Red Crescent, according to a statement published today on its official webpage, indicated that the number of people in contact with the infected cases reached at least 88 people, while confirming that all contacts were informed to remain in the home quarantine during the next two weeks.

The published statement said: "The number of people in contact with confirmed cases of Corona virus has so far reached at least 88 people distributed in most cities of north and east Syria and most of them are in Qamishlo city. None of them have had any symptoms or signs of infection yet, while the operations team in the Kurdish Red Crescent remains in daily contact with the infected and their families to follow any development in their health condition, and all contacts have been informed that they must stay at home and not to mix with anyone else during the next two weeks."



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