Kurdish Red Crescent treats 6807 patients in al-Shahba

Kurdish Red Crescent Center in al-Shahba areas treated 6807 cases of illness despite its meager potential, five cases of child deaths were documented due to the lack of medicines and medical devices. The Center's administration appealed to humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to Afrin residents.


After the attack by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin canton on 20 December, thousands of Afrin residents went out with the medical staff of the Kurdish Red Crescent to the area of ​​ Şêrawa and al-Shahba canton.

The Kurdish Red Crescent organized its members and cadres in ​​Şêrawa district and al-Shahba canton to provide medical assistance and treatment of the people.

The opening of 5 medical points and the allocation of 5 ambulances

The Kurdish Red Crescent opened five medical points in al-Shahba and Aqîbê village of Şêrawa district, Berxwedan camp, Serdemê camp in Fafîn district, Ahras district, also a new medical checkpoint was opened in Tel Rifaat district of al-Shahba canton.

The Crescent also allocated 5 ambulances for each point and one car for use in emergency cases.

Treating 6807 cases and documented 5 deaths

According to the Red Crescent statistics at these points, 6807 cases were treated, including 2677 children and 1043 women, the cases included internal diseases, women, osteopathy, heart and skin, leishmania, teeth, eye and ear, as well as emergency cases, cancer, neuralgia, hepatitis and others, a total of 1,745 prescription drugs were distributed in Ahras area. According to the medical staff, 5 cases of child deaths were documented due to lack of medicines and medical staffs in that area.

The Kurdish Red Crescent in Şêrawa district and al-Shahba canton distributed 38692 of infant formula.

Severe shortage of some types of drugs

The administrator in the center of the Kurdish Red Crescent Ammar Mohammed confirmed that the medical points of the '31' 892

They suffer from severe and severe shortage of medical equipment and specific drugs such as anti-bites, snakes, tuberculosis, children, diabetes, blood pressure and gynecological diseases, in addition to the shortage of medical staff at all medical points.

Mohammed also stressed that they have appealed to all international and humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations several times and so far none of them have provided any assistance.

At the end of his speech, he appealed to all humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the people of Afrin located in al-Shahba canton.



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