Kurdish researcher: Ocalan's absence to solve Middle east crisis that means continuation war, havoc

 Kurdish writer and researcher Beradost Mitani said that "the absence of Ocalan thinker to resolve the crises and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East means the continuation of war and destruction," and that the freedom of Ocalan the only way and the key to resolving the crises in the region

Turkish authorities continue to isolate Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali prison, and although limited visits to lawyers and family are allowed, authorities have not completely lifted the isolation.

During the few recent visits, Ocalan sent messages on ways to resolve the region's issues and to bring security, peace and stability to the satisfaction of the popular and democratic circles.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with Kurdish writer and researcher Beradost Mitani, who talked about the reason for the continued isolation and the importance of Ocalan's ideas and theses in resolving the Middle East issues.

Mitani said that "the arrest of Ocalan thinker is a disgrace to the organizations and regimes, and governments which is contrary to human rights laws. "

"The arrest of Ocalan is due to the combined efforts of the regimes in the Middle East and the world, along with authoritarians and racists who are working against the rights of peoples and democracy," he said.

He stressed that the reason for Ocalan's arrest was to prevent "his ideology from reaching his people" throughout the Middle East. He added, and added "By arresting thinker Ocalan, they seek to obliterate his thought rich in various sciences, whether literary or humane, or scientific because the leader Abdullah Ocalan spring of thought and knowledge."

He added that the other and most important reason for the arrest of Ocalan is the unwillingness of the ruling regimes to prevail security and peace in the areas where war and conflict, saying: “By arresting thinker Abdullah Ocalan, they are arresting the key to the solution to the crises in the Middle East, because despite his 20 years in Imrali prison, and away from the events of society, but he proves his worth consciously,  and his rich thinking as a man of solution and diplomacy and a man of dialogue around the table to resolve the crises of the region with a strong will.

Mitani noted that Ocalan's recent message that he could reach peace with the Turkish state in just a week.

"The continued detention of Ocalan poses a threat to the future of the peoples of the region," Mitani said.  In all his letters, Ocalan emphasizes his readiness to dialogue with the Turkish regime in order to resolve the Kurdish issue and achieve democracy in the country. He also proved his worth in finding a solution for Syria in general and promoting Rojava in particular. "

"The absence of Ocalan from resolving the ongoing crises and conflicts in the Middle East means the continuation of war and destruction. We consider his exit as the only way and key to the solution of all crises and conflicts between peoples in the Middle East," Mitani said.

In conclusion, Mitani stressed the need to lift the isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan for his important role in solving the outstanding problems in the region."



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