Kurdish woman killed in occupied Afrin

A 70-year-old Kurdish woman was killed in the Maaratah neighborhood of the occupied city of Afrin.

The Human Rights Organization, Afrin-Syria, reported that a Kurdish woman named "Qadriya Ali bint Ibrahim (70 years old), from Kobakah, lost her life as a result of a stray bullet," on Saturday evening (June 3).

The organization wrote on its official Facebook page that Qadriya Ali lost her life in front of the "Security Headquarters" of the mercenaries of "Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh", which is run by the so-called "Abu Hussein al-Yarmouki" of the Turkish occupation state, in the Maaratah neighborhood in the center of the occupied city of Afrin.

it stated that she was transferred to Avrin Hospital in occupied Afrin, after she fell on the ground without hearing the sound of bullets, and it turned out later that the killer used a silencer to kill her while she was returning home, according to the organization.

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